Hi! I’m Johanna and I am the lady behind this corner studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. I design paper goods, and then print them on my century-old letterpress. I have a major obsession with trees, so it’s fitting that I am from “The Arbor State”. Although, you may be surprised to know that I mostly print on cotton paper.

As a graphic designer, I have always found beauty in a quality printed piece. And so began a quest to learn the art of letterpress printing. In 2010, I acquired a small tabletop letterpress. Once I pulled my first print, I was hooked. A few months later, I spotted a beautiful 100-year old platen press and brought her home. My press is lovingly named “Ruby” for her reddish hues and dainty frame. Each sheet of paper is hand-fed into the press, which is manually operated with a foot treadle (no motor). The results are beautiful tactile paper products that look and feel amazing. Watch our press in action to learn more.

I am available for branding projects and collabs (I love working with other makers and designers!). I also do custom projects like: wedding invitations, shower invitations, birth announcements and more. Take a look at my portfolio or see what I’m working on, then contact me for a quote.

As seen on: Oh So Beautiful Paper // Paper Crave // Minted

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5 more facts about me:

1. Saved by grace & love my church.

2. Married to my husband for over 10 years!

3. Blessed with two boys.

4. Fanatical about snowboarding, running and hiking.

5. Obsessed with green food.


Thanks for stopping by!