a dog, a rock and a few staples

a dog, a rock and a few staples

Meet Finch. He’s our year and a half old pup, and to know him is to love him. Half Doberman, half German Short-haired Pointer, all teddy bear. He loves people, hiking, swimming and apparently… eating rocks. He wasn’t feeling well and after a call in to the vet, it was a quick trip in to get x-rays. Results: four rocks inside. Two “ready to pass”, one they aren’t worried about, and one completely blocking his intestine. So… surgery it is, then. Things went well, but it was worse than they first thought; a lot of bruising, swelling, and inflammation inside… and hours away from perforation. He stayed overnight to make sure there weren’t other issues but he’s home now, and on the mend. He’s a little worse for the wear, and will be sporting a most fashionable basket muzzle when he can’t be watched.He also happened to be one of the cutest puppies EVER. {Insert sappy, heart melting photos to tug at your heart strings.}
All of this to say, intestinal mineral extraction is expensive. We are hoping to help pay off the vet bill with a round of  letterpress cards. Johanna used the below photo of Finch as a pup to do a cute illustration for the card. We have plied our printing skills to bring you a “get well” card with a bit of charm and a lot of heart. PLUS, you will feel good knowing that you helped keep this little-big-guy healthy. You can purchase the cards at arbor corner studio’s online shop.



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  1. Jessica

    Aw, he is adorable and so is the card. I would definitely feel better if I received it haha.

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